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Reporting Live From BIKO Cup 2024

Reporting Live From BIKO Cup 2024

26 Mar 2024 / Cowriters: Stefany Chandra & Sabilla Salsabilla
You don't have to be a sport fan to be delighted by BIKO Cup. This yearly mini-soccer tournament gather BIKO family — both who work in the outlets and Head Office — to come together and hone their teamwork in a friendly match. It is a celebration of shared interest in the field between people who work together in, well, the same field.

01.  The Preface

In a super casual and impromptu conversation, our folks Ijul (Corporate Beverage Staff), Jimny (Legal Manager) and Banny (Operational Manager of Acta Brasserie & Fūjin Izakaya) initiated the continuance of BIKO Cup—we last held it back in 2023 after a six-year hiatus. Whether they were half-sober or not, thanks to them, the event finally made a grand comeback. What was originally planned to be an internal cup, became somewhat bigger as we had helps and supports from our supplier friends at Pantja Artha Niaga (PAN) whose team was also competing in the match. This has definitely raised the bar for next year's BIKO Cup as we've heard sweet response from many neighbor outlets eagering to participate. New mission unlocked.

Juggling schedules between the outlets and the partners was a bit of a puzzle. It took some time to plan as everyone worked different shifts, even on weekends. As a result, the match was held 3 times within the span of 2 weeks, with three eliminations, one semifinal and one final round. Beaming with anticipation, the 13 qualifying teams came up with many surprises, from customizing their own team jerseys to bringing their whole families to come watch the game. In the spirit of togetherness, everyone also pitched in to hire a photographer so our in-house photographer can play without worry.

02. The Jersey

Speaking of the jersey, the Head Office (HO) team went all out with a fresh design crafted by one of our Graphic Designers, Ariq. "I wanted a jersey that's versatile. Something you can wear anywhere, anytime—bloke core, you know (laughs). So, I went for a classic look with a twist: kappa holding a beer. The reason is quite simple. It represents life at BIKO. No days go by without a cheer (both figuratively and literally)." Though they didn't get to wear it during the match, rest assured the team got to have fun in a self-arranged photoshoot at the office, said they'll definitely wear it next year.

03. The Result

After many sweaty efforts, the game came down to a surprising turn as BIKO Head Office won first prize. At the end of the game, the winning team gathered in circle, pouring water towards each other as if no one could take the heat anymore, and just rejoiced. It was indeed a good match. Regardless of the result, the most important thing is that everyone had fun and the bond between all #BIKOFAM & partners involved, was stronger than ever.

"To be honest, we didn't expect the win. But it was a sweet moment that we'll cherish for a long time," said Jupiter (Photographer), representing Head Office Team.

04. The Last But Not Least

In addition to the report, we gotta say that this year's BIKO Cup holds a special place in our hearts. Though the joy and excitement are still very much in the air, we are also deeply saddened to know that one of us couldn't make it to next year's match. That night, Head Office Team had one MVP: the keeper who kept guard of the opponents' strike, Arkan (Asst. Creative Manager), who just passed away recently. They agreed that it was his contribution that brought them to victory. Rest well, champ. You'll forever live in our memory.