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The End of Beer Garden Radio Dalam Era

The End of Beer Garden Radio Dalam Era

18 Apr 2024 / Cowriters: Stefany Chandra & Sabilla Salsabilla
After a decade of serving up good times, Beer Garden Radio Dalam bid farewell to wind up the era. It's undoubtedly been an amazing ride filled with cherished memories from the past. As we close this chapter, we've caught up with some of our crews to hear their thoughts and reflections on the journey.
What's your fondest memory at Beer Garden Radio Dalam?

Ijul (Ex-Manager of Beer Garden Radio Dalam)One night, a lone patron walked in. She sat down at the bar with a book in her hands, ordered a beer and after a while, she started crying. As an Operational Manager at the time, I went over to check on her as I had to make sure all customers are okay. That led to an unexpected heart-to-heart conversation. She ended up becoming one of our regulars after that.

Affi (Marketing of Beer Garden): I have known this place since I was still in high school. Totally loved it, I came with my friends all the time. Anyway. Life's funny sometimes, because who knows years later I'd be given the chance to be part of the Marketing team. Working with everyone has been a blast. From them, I had found a new family.

Jimny (Legal Manager): Beer Garden Radio Dalam was where I had Herradura for the first time. It was Mikael Mirdad (Founder of BIKO) who gave it to me (laugh). Ever since that night, I've had a soft spot for tequila.

Any personal go-to order?

I: Nasi Gila and a supersized beer any day. I call it the deadly combo.

A: Gotta be the beer. I mean, who can resist a nice cold one in this humid place? (laugh) I'll start with a draught, then grab another as soon as the first one loses its chill. And when the tummy growls: Nasi Gila with extra egg, crackers and a spicy twist for that little kick.

J: I'm all about the crazy shooters—especially the one we call Populer (Pokoknya Pulang Teler). It certainly lived up to its name.

What's the one thing you'll miss the most?

I: The fellow feeling between us and the people who walk in. I've seen solo guests mingle with each other and become friends. Who knows where that encounter leads to? The place was warm, but the customers were even warmer.

A: Sweating it out all day, waiting for vendors to set up their stuff and staying late for events. I'll miss the team—their warmth, their kindness. It's been a love-hate journey, but that's what made it real. Our connections are real.

J: The vibe. Back then, bars were all about rules and regulations, but not here. Beer Garden was the place where you could walk in without fuss and just enjoy yourself. That's something you don't easily find nowadays.

Describe Beer Garden Radio Dalam in one word. What would it be and why?

I: Beer, which is pretty self-explanatory. But can I do two? Home—cause home is where the beer is (laugh).

A: Relentless. This place has seen it all—ten years of ups and downs but still stands tall.

J: Comfy. You can come as you are. No pretenses.  No need to worry about fitting in. Just pure comfort and good times all around.

The memories linger not just within our team but also in the heart of Agatha Carolina (Co-Founder of Bitte Design Studio) who was in charge of the building design and construction:

“Beer Garden Radio Dalam was one of Bitte's debuts in commercial architecture. We had this vision from the get-go: a casual bar inspired by a glass house with this massive skylight and lush plants all around. It’s an open-air concept—the ground floor is used as a parking area, with ramp access leading up to the second floor—all wide open without any walls or partitions. The openness reflects the DNA: welcoming, inclusive and warm. Over the years, it has been a place for casual night out, hanging out with friends and late-night drinking. Such a start of so many good things for us.”

Over the past decade, we've experienced our fair share of mishaps, totaling over 1,000 glasses broken. But amidst all the ups and downs, what truly stands out is the incredible journey we've shared with none other than our 500,000+ amazing customers, including you. So, thank you. 

Finally, may we all find comfort in believing that although the era has come to an end, it is a happy ending through and through. Know that we wouldn't trade it for the world.