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The Headquarter's Squads

The Headquarter's Squads

11 Sep 2023 / Cowriters: Stefany Chandra & Sabilla Salsabilla
From its humble beginnings in 2012 with a team of just 10, BIKO has blossomed into a powerhouse of dedicated individuals, comprising hundreds of passionate members in 2023. You may only see the exterior: buzzing outlets scattered in every corner of Jakarta. But behind those, lies the headquarter where diverse teams work together, shaping and setting the ground zero of everything BIKO.

Shall we open the curtain and meet the team?

First off, we have Human Resources, Legal and Finance team who ensure the smooth operation of the office. From managing our devoted staff to handling legal matters and keeping our financials in check, they form the backbone of BIKO’s business and day-to-day operations.

Then you’ll meet our Food & Beverages team. Knowing the drill, who doesn't want this? Doses of experimenting through tests and trials, which means unstoppable chains of food and day-drinking. They get front seats on whatever magic happening behind the bar and kitchen. We envy them.

As for the cherry on top, meet our Marketing, Media & Communication (yeap, we're the ones writing stuff up) and Creative team. Now that the products are ready, these three divisions put a ribbon and breathe life to it, creating a brand.  When asked what's the goal?, the answer is quite simple. Sustainable business. That means birthing brands with strong character, visuals and  communications to attract and retain, well, you.  Not so simple in application, but there lies all the fun. 

Though our roles differ, we are committed to deliver all-around hospitality: serving great experience in the capital’s F&B scene and setting the tone for an urban lifestyle. But on a more personal level, really, we are just a bunch of people having fun!

Head to our Careers page if you'd like to learn more and maybe become a part of us?