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Behind the Apron

Behind the Apron of BIKO Chefs

11 Sep 2023 / Cowriters: Stefany Chandra & Sabilla Salsabilla
We sat down with our awesome chefs to dig into their culinary journeys, catch a glimpse of their inspirations and hear of their mishaps in the kitchen — this one is totally our favorite!

“I was born and bred in a kitchen.“

Stefania Vigone (Pippo Italian) just couldn't help it! For as long as she can remember, her childhood setting was always about running around the kitchen of her grandmother's restaurant in her hometown, Liguria. Like two peas in a pod, Rui Yamagishi (Acta Brasserie & Fūjin Izakaya) & Rafael Basanto's spark of culinary passion was also lit at a young age. We all know that food unites people, but only some are willing enough to go through the hassle and make a living out of it!

“A knife is an extension of the chef's arm.“

Every chef has a different weapon, an essential thing that makes magic happen. For Freddie Salim (Silk Bistro), his favored sharp knife isn't just a tool—it's a mindset, a readiness to conquer the day. While in Stefania's world, herbs take center stage. She believes it's not just about what you cook but also how you infuse flavors. It's the combination that makes all the difference. 

Even the seasoned chefs have their oops moments behind the kitchen doors.

With a hearty laugh, Freddie recalls a cake mishap from the past. "I unintentionally dropped a guest's birthday cake just before serving. Not once. Twice!" Meanwhile, Rui takes us back to the high-pressure moment at Rockpool Est. 1989 when an entire batch of pigeons was accidentally overcooked, leading to menu change in a snap of a finger. These mishaps, though daunting at the time, are indeed the spice of their culinary adventures.

A humble bowl of noodles? Who doesn't love that?

When it comes to comfort food, there's something universally soothing about a warm, hearty bowl of noodles. Nabila Yoestino (Acta Brasserie & Fūjin Izakaya) and Rafael share big kudos for the comforting flavors the dish brings. As Rafael says, "Chinese noodle soup with any toppings. I eat everything," that speaks volumes about how simplicity wins our hearts.

Taking a glimpse into the future.

Our chefs have dreams as diverse as their culinary creations. Stefania is on a mission to introduce lesser-known Italian regions to patrons. Rui aims to blend the rich traditions of Japanese and Indonesian flavors. While Nabila visualizes an omakase combining her sweet touch and creative flair. 

With these visionaries at the helm, there's no doubt that your culinary experience at BIKO is bound to reach new heights. So yeah. Stay hungry.