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Beyond the Beats with Adit & Konz

Beyond the Beats with Adit & Konz

20 Sep 2023 / Cowriters: Stefany Chandra & Sabilla Salsabilla
Our playlists don't make themselves, and that's where Adit (Adit Kadi) and Konz (Bernardus Fritz) from the Music Division come in. These two are the machine guns who drop the beats that keep our places buzzing. We had a chat with them and the deets are in!

Take us to the beginning. How did your journey start?

A: I was a resident DJ at BIKO, which I already loved. So when the offer came to become Music Director back in 2019, it was the easiest yes. I had no formal music education, but my life has always circled around music-loving folks,  and they played huge role in shaping my music preference. As a DJ, I was pretty idealist! (laugh) But now I mix in some popular, crowd-pleaser tunes. And to be honest, getting people to burst into excitements with that, is definitely another level of amusement for me.

K: My family from mom’s side rocks the piano. I grew up grooving in countless family piano sessions and vinyl beats, so music became a big part of my life. I remember my first guitar. It was given by my dad. I started to take guitar lessons, but theory isn’t my cup of tea. I wanted to jump straight to the chase and asked my teacher to teach me The Beatles' songs. (chuckles) Anyway. Throughout my career, I've landed my feet on many roles, including Marketing at this very company. But when the pandemic hit, I was in this intense music-binging phase and actually talked myself into doing music full-time. By then, the offer to join Music Division came in and so here I am, literally making music for a living.

Your division is in charge of all-things-music. Any secret sauce for scouting the resident DJs?

A: I usually go by word of mouth. Weirdly, that is just how things are at BIKO. But I kept my homework in order: do the background check, connect with them on a personal level. Some stick with us, some don't. Skills can only bring you this far, but attitude is the real deal to sustain.  Also, intuition.  I lean towards that all the time.

K: What he said, to be honest. (laugh) I love folks who are passionate. Those who appreciate music and put it in a high place. They are usually the best kinds, not the "I'm the coolest DJ"  or whatsoever. More like, "this is cool and you should listen to it too!" kind of person.

What's the genre that hits your sweet spot?

A: At this point, there's no music that's not for me. I enjoy everything so I'm not glued to some specifics. But I can say I’m an old soul when it comes to music. I groove to Indonesian and foreign oldies—thanks to my dad’s influence—as well as the DJ essentials: disco, house and techno. I always find myself circling back to these tunes.

K: Wow, that’s a lot. I’ve been digging into synthesizers lately. I find it very interesting how people can make sounds that are, in a way, strange but fascinating. These days, I listen to a lot of dark ambient music—psychedelic pieces that are full of new sounds I can’t comprehend. So, yeah. That.

Is this a dream job for music-loving peeps like you both?

A: To be honest, I'm the kind of guy who rolls with whatever life throws at me. So for now, I can say that this (re: being a Music Director) is my most ideal setup. It keeps me sharp. I soak up knowledges and make friends while also doing what I love the most: music. I couldn't ask for more. If not this, probably I’d just stick to DJ-ing. I can’t imagine a life too far from the beats.

K: My work isn’t just about curating songs. It’s an immersive spectrum of meeting people, connecting with them, managing and keeping the right ones. No one taught you that in school! I can only let myself in, learn my lessons, adjust, adjust, adjust. If not this? Oh, this is fun. I want to live abroad. Hunt down musicians. Manage festivals. And if that doesn't work out, maybe selling weapons for kicks. (burst into laughter)

Picture life without the beats. How's that for you?

A: Of all my senses, hearing is my best one yet. While others see, feel or taste, I hear. So life without music.. is an endless pit of eerie silence. Well that's kinda lonely, don't you think?

K: You take music away from me, you strip all of me. My hobbies, my work, my time. I’d probably go a bit bonkers without it, if you ask.

A little gift for the readers.

That gift is definitely music! Seriously, what else do you expect?

Listen to these tracks as Adit unfolded his story through seven special tracks—each echoes moment, life phase and the people close to his heart. While Konz takes us on a sonic vacation from the Middle East to Eastern Europe over six curated songs. Enjoy.