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Head to Head with Chris Susindra

Head to Head with Chris Susindra

20 Sep 2023 / Cowriters: Stefany Chandra & Sabilla Salsabilla
Meet Chris Susindra, the driving force behind Biko’s Bar Miglia, an aperitivo cocktail bar specializing in Negroni. From circling best bars around the world to creating a Negroni-focused haven, step inside Chris' world and find out more about the twists & turns of this classic cocktail.

“I’ve always deeply admired the hospitality industry. Its dynamic energy and beautiful madness constantly captivate me. As the bar scene in town is up-and-coming, I see room for improvement, particularly in fostering stronger connections between staff and patrons. From the beginning, my aim with Bar Miglia has been clear: to elevate hospitality and communication, empowering bartenders to be not only knowledgeable but also confidently personable.

In this journey, we celebrate the essence of Italian aperitivos and digestivos with the Negroni taking center stage. This inspiration draws from Italy's rich culture, where traditions like crafting Limoncello through family recipes are deep-rooted from an early age. To that, I pay homage to the Negroni's incredible versatility—from timeless classics to signature creations—all designed to be enjoyed within reach.”

“Let's ditch the stereotypes—Negroni is a drink for all, men and women. Though known for its strength, I believe this cocktail brings joy to anyone. Whether you prefer the classic version or wanna start with lighter options like spritzes and amaro sours, there's always something for every palate. All in all, it's not just a gentleman's sip—it's a universal delight.

Now, talking about the trio ingredients. You see, they are originally from different region of Italy: Campari (Milan), Vermouth (Torino) and Gin (Salermo). If combined, they make classic Negroni. I see Negroni as almost a symbol of Italian unity in a glass. This goes hand-in-hand with the fact that the nation was previously a warring city-state. Who would've thought that this simple drink can tell us so much about cultural harmony? It's fascinating.”


Chris is always around, so if you happen to be in the area, please stop by and say hi! As he claimed all the creations are dangerously enjoyable drinks, here are some of the picks that you could keep in mind to order at Bar Miglia:

1. Enzoni, a light modern twist that uses a lot of lemon juice and muddled green grapes. Yum and refreshing.
2. Café Fernet & Espresso Rumtini, the duo espresso-based cocktails which he thinks is a nice pick-me-up after a long day.
3. Miglia Garibaldi, a bartender's spin on the classic. Very delightful to savor.
4. French Oak Negroni & Negroni Torbato, if you happen to enjoy the aged and smoky feature.

As with anything, better plan and drink up as the Italians do—start with lower strength, less sweet appetizers and end with all the big flavors. Cheers!