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Acta Brasserie's Fresh Space at Gading Serpong

Going Outskirt to Acta Brasserie Gading Serpong

19 Apr 2024 / Author: Sabilla Salsabilla | Editor: Stefany Chandra
After four years of delighting diners with its all-day dining concept and tranquil ambience, BIKO's Acta Brasserie proudly announced its expansion into the vibrant neighborhood of Gading Serpong. This milestone marks an exciting chapter for BIKO as it extends its culinary footprint beyond Jakarta's bustling streets, bringing its renowned hospitality to a new community. With its inaugural branch outside town, Acta Brasserie looks forward to introducing its signature charm to a wider audience.

“We're excited to open a new venture outside of our comfort zone. The challenge would be how to stick up to the original concept: catering patrons to dine and drink alfresco amidst lush greenery, which is what we do best at our Senayan branch. Led by that thought, Gading Serpong area came to mind. We teamed up with our friends from Bitte Design Studio who did a great job in bringing our dream to life. Just around the corner of the bustling area, our new space has become a sanctuary for those looking for serenity and ease.” Mikael Mirdad, founder of BIKO said.

Patrons can look forward to a dining experience that blends the comfort of familiarity with the excitement of new discoveries. With its spacious interior, adorned with floor-to-ceiling glass walls overlooking scenic views, the profile is a perfect build-up for relaxed get-togethers with friends and family. When it comes to food selections, the menu boasts beloved dishes like the Truffle Mushroom Fettuccine, all while offering Chef Rui Yamagishi's new creations, crafted exclusively for this location.

"I'm excited about this expansion as it gives us a chance to bring something new to the table," said the Executive Chef. "With careful menu curation and adaptation, our goal is to maintain that sense of comfort and warmth for the community here. We want every dish to be a familiar delight, making each visit feel like home." In the dessert section, Nabila Yoestino (Pastry Chef of Acta Brasserie) also made a mark by introducing her new signature creation, the Mille Crepe. Since its unveiling, it's quickly become a must-try item at the establishment, often selling out before the day ends. "It's been a joy to play around, experimenting this and that," Nabila shared, "and the positive response from patrons has been truly heartwarming."

Acta Brasserie Gading Serpong is open everyday from 11 AM, serving up a delectable array of dishes and an extensive selection of wines. Get ready to immerse yourself in the ambience, where lush greenery, cozy comfort and easy access come together seamlessly.