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Silk Bistro: Historical Charm in The Heart of Jakarta

Silk Bistro: Historical Charm in The Heart of Jakarta

17 May 2024 / Cowriters: Stefany Chandra & Sabilla Salsabilla
The recent talk of old homes being demolished in the Menteng area has sparked a lot of discussions, taking us back to the humble beginnings of Silk Bistro. Located in a historic neighborhood, our plan was clear from the very first start: keep the original structure, preserve its charm and restore it to its former glory. Here are some footages as we travel back in time to the day when Silk Bistro was just an idea.

Before the restoration, this building had stood vacant for over 30 years. It was once the official residence of a prominent Indonesian army general, Kemal Idris. The passage of time had left it empty, but not without its enduring charm. We recognized the potential to breathe new life into this tangible piece of Jakarta’s rich heritage. The architecture, a hallmark of its era, was characterized by low ceilings that created a sense of comfort and warmth, transforming the space into a home rather than a mere structure. As you enter, the layout’s circular flow gracefully leads you to the garden—the true heart of the building. 

Originality really played a huge part here. From authentic windows to preserved trellis, the attention to detail is evident. These elements are not just remnants of the past but are carefully maintained to provide a seamless blend of history and hospitality. You begin to understand why it’s essential to keep it this way. The ambience also radiates comfort and nostalgia, making each visit a journey through time.

Silk Bistro is not just an establishment—it’s a continuous effort to freeze time while giving a nod to a heritage worth celebrating, a story that helped built the city of Jakarta. The building is now reserved and buzzes with life, adding layers of stories to make up for many years lost during its vacant period.

"As you dine here, you’re not just enjoying a meal. You’re becoming part of the ongoing story of this remarkable place. Come visit and embrace the historical charm as we humbly welcome you everyday from 11 AM onwards."

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